Andro Metamorphose

Andro Metamorphose
Lyrics & composition: Arimura Ryuutarou
Translation by Yuri_Nikko


the red stuff
rises along with my fever

If my heart
it’d be missing a part of you

Sooner or later, your life will burn
reducing to ash, reducing to sand
If that’s so, at least in the end
we were able to have met

You call my name, you tell me my name
you do this for me but it starts to get hazy
The half-eaten moon glares coldly at me
If we can just head to the future together it’d be alright
There’s so much I want to give you but I can’t

If it’s a dream, don’t wake up, cross over a hundred million nights
In that milky way, surrounding it, is this swirling underworld
Even if it’s gloomy, even if it’s sad, go straight ahead and look for me
You remember, follow the thread, and always you’ll find me here

I’ve become a cowardly magician
love’s spell is merely
a refrain

I keep a flower in my heart, it rots everything to a terrible color
It’s so painful, it’s so joyous, it’s so difficult, I’m yearning
Cause it’s blooming like this, it’s the one thing I can’t give you

You know only you in my dreams, just won’t disappear, even after a hundred million nights?
In the milky way, I’m hidden away, lost in that underworld
From the moon, a blowing wind will someday dry your tears
And so then, in the end, surely, you can walk on again


Lyrics and Composition: Arimura Ryutarou
Translation by abstract raven

Red object*

My rising fever
If it’s my heart
The chipped away part of you

In any case, life will burn away
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If that’s the case, then both the beginning and the end
Was when we accidentally met

Call my name, call my name
Pick the obscure me
The half eaten moon is glaring cold light on me
I wish I could have been with you until forever into the future
There are so many things that I wish you could do for me but you can’t

If it were a dream I would stay asleep for endless nights
Was encircled by the galaxy* and happened upon an underworld
No matter how dark it is, you can always immediately find it
If you struggle through the thread of memories, you will get there

I will become a cowardly user of magic

A love potion
A refrain

If it were a flower planted in my heart, it would be the color of tragedy
Sad and happy and heartbreaking and precious
They are blooming so much, but I can’t give any of them away

Even in dreams, is this the last neverending night?
In the galaxy, the underworld that I buried and mistakenly lost
A wind from the moon blows, and will also someday dry my tears
Then it seems that I’ll walk to forever