Welcome to dorrie6.com

This page will house various bits of dorrie6’s fannish enthusiasms, beginning first with a compilation of English translations of songs by the Japanese band, Plastic Tree.  These will begin to appear as I receive permission from various translators to repost their work.  

I am only posting translations with permission (individually granted, or otherwise expressly given). However, if you see your translation here, and you want it removed or credited differently, please leave a comment or email me, and I will do whatever you ask.

If you have translations of Plastic Tree songs that I have not discovered, and you are willing to allow me to include them here, please let me know!

Note:  I think multiple translations are valuable, so if I have permission to post more than one translation of a particular song, I will post them on the same page, credited to the individual translators.

Translations being added here. More to come. Stay tuned!